Who is responsible for installation / maintenance of my water service line?

The owner of the property.

Does PVWC install / repair water service lines?

PVWC installs service lines to the curb line up to 1” at no charge to its customers. PVWC will, upon request install / repair service lines up to 2″ in size from the curb to the building for a nominal fee as long as the distance does not exceed 60ft.

Can I hire my own licensed plumber to install / repair my service line between the Curb line and meter?

Yes, PVWC will inspect the installation at no charge.

Can PVWC recommend a licensed plumber?

No PVWC does not give out recommendations.

Can I install multiple meters on a single service line?

Please see the frequently asked question at https://pvwc.com/engineering/designstandards/

How large a meter / water service do I need?

PVWC does not determine sizes. PVWC recommends consulting with a licensed plumber and or checking city code.

Who is responsible for the valves before and after the meter?

The owner of the property is. Upon request and if conditions permit PVWC will replace the valves for a nominal fee or you can hire a licensed plumber to perform this work.

How long does it take PVWC to install my new service line?

PVWC provides same day service to all customers for most requests. Any non-emergency jobs that require excavation must be scheduled. Work will usually commence within 7 working days.